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Artist Tim Engelhardt in his studio

       As an artist I want to tell a story about human vulnerability. I write in lines that move and shape colors that appear to be chosen arbitrarily but, in fact are carefully selected and placed to create balance or in-balance depending on the subject. For me, painting is a full body exercise that is affected by each gesture and movement I commit, each stroke informing the next, culminating in works full of nuance and color. 

       I work using a variety of mediums and materials. My preferred mediums are oil and acrylic paints. However, I find using fluid paints and inks more conducive to creating my more abstract expressionist works.  In the end, it is the process of creating art that is most important to me.        

In contrast to my studio work, the work I do as a muralist has been about collaborating with my clients to create pieces of art that are fresh and eye catching. I enjoy challenging myself by using a variety of styles that I don’t ordinarily work in. I am influenced by street artists as well as realists and illustrators. Painting murals gives me the chance to not get personal with my work. The representations are plain and self-evident.

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